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  • We see variations in retirement savings all the time. Now that you have your Results, you no doubt have some questions. At what age can you retire? Should you save more or pay off your mortgage first? How much income will you need for the retirement lifestyle you want?
  • Your TD advisor can help you answer these questions and more. Call us today. We’ll help keep you moving in the right direction.

Adjust these inputs to see the effect it has on your Retirement Savings Goal

How much I save

Monthly RSP contributions:


Monthly contributions to other retirement savings and investments:


With TD Simply Invest, you can make saving and investing automatic.

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How much I spend

Monthly retirement income:


If you ordered one less $4 latte a week, you could save over $200 per year.

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How long I'm in retirement

Retirement age:


Years of retirement:


You might choose to retire as early as age 60.

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How quickly my savings grow

Estimated rate of return for your investments:


Talk to a TD advisor about the investment mix that's right for you

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Total savings

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Your savings projection: 0
To enjoy a monthly income of 0 when you retire, you will need to save a total of 0 by age 0. Based on your information, we project you will need to save an additional you will have a surplus of .

Monthly breakdown

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Your projected needs currently exceed your projected income by 0/ month. We can help you close this gap! Your projected income currently exceeds your projected needs by 0/ month.

Learn more about our Assumptions

The following assumptions are built into the formulas that calculate your savings goal and projected savings in this tool. When you are ready to explore your retirement and investment options in greater detail, a TD advisor can help you understand these and other formulas, for building your unique plan.